Spectrum is dropping their monitoring of home security alarm systems in February 2020

Switch to Mahoney Alarms today for local central station monitoring!

Why choose Mahoney Alarms?

1. In our 65 years of business, we have designed, installed, serviced and monitored our own and others’ safety systems. This includes fire and security alarms, temperature monitoring, access control, water detection, CCTV and even fire extinguishers. We do not farm out services; you will always be speaking with Mahoney employees.

Central Monitoring Station

2. We will not hold you to any contract terms. Whether you are with us for a month to many years, we are confident you will have enough assurance in our company, services and products that binding you by contract terms are unnecessary.

3. We receive all your alarm signals ourselves at our own 24-hour central monitoring station located in Glens Falls, NY.  Our dispatchers will know who you are and where your located to give direction to the responding authorities.

4. We utilize equipment on the forefront of technology and work with the safety concerns of the areas largest industries, museums financial institutions, schools, historical sites, farms, great Adirondack camps & residential homes, both large and small. With offices in Glens Falls, Lake Placid & Plattsburgh, we service Northern New York, The Capital Region & Vermont.

Your initial experience with Mahoney Alarms begins with our no cost, no obligation consultation with our qualified sales consultants.  As each situation is unique, so is the protection we provide our customers.  Every one of our alarm systems are customized to meet optimum protection within your budget. We look forward to hearing from you!  Click Below To Contact Us Today!!