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Answers To Common Questions

What areas do you service?

We service New York (as far North as the Canadian border, to as far South as The Capital Region, to as far West as Canajoharie) and Vermont.  Visit our map to see all the areas we cover.

Can I change my own batteries?

Yes you can change your own batteries.
Before replacing batteries, contact our central station to advise them you are replacing batteries. When you are done, do not forget to call our central station back to advise them you are all set. If you are unsure about what type of battery you should use, call our office and speak with our service department for further assistance.

How do I arm and disarm my home’s alarm system?

To arm your system you can select either “Home”, “Sleep” or “Away”.  When you select “Away” you are arming all areas of the system. You will use “Away” when you are leaving the house and nobody is staying inside.  Selecting “Home” arms only the perimeter of the system. “Home” arming is when you are staying inside, but want the comfort of knowing the exterior windows & doors are armed and allows you to move freely inside your home.  Selecting “Sleep” arms perimeter and interior devices but leaves devices in bedrooms/nighttime areas off.  Before arming your system, make sure all interior devices (motion detectors, inside doors) and perimeter devices (exterior windows and doors) are closed/ready.  If your system reads “system not ready” and you have checked all devices, contact Mahoney Alarms for assistance, Toll-Free: (800) 794-6277.

When you want to enter your house, after you open an exterior door, you will need to enter your security code on the keypad to disarm your system.  Once you successfully enter your code on your keypad, your keypad will confirm your system is disarmed by reading “all system off.”

If your system includes fire or environmental devices, these devices are on, 24/7, and cannot be disarmed.

Who should I put on my call list?

In the event of an alarm activation, it is necessary we have correct persons to be notified and phone numbers pertaining to same for our central station to dispatch correctly.  Please keep in mind, if your primary residency is not local, we highly recommend using family members, neighbors, friends and/or caretakers as contacts that reside locally to your protected property.   All emergency contacts should reside locally to the protected property, have a key to the property and be able to respond to an alarm if needed. 

You should check and update your call list regularly. Should you need to make any changes to your call list, complete the update call list form and return same to our office.

For additional questions, visit our FAQs page .