Access Control & Remote Access

Take control of who goes where and when in your facility
with a single integrated security solution.

With the appropriate security devices and alarm management software you can take control of who goes where and when throughout your facility.

Real-time changes can be made to the access rights of any individual from anywhere with an Internet connection. Rather than worry about retrieving keys from discharged employees or re-keying locks, simply delete their access privileges. You can also remotely lock and unlock any protected door.

Adding to the benefits of an access control system is the ability to review reports detailing the arrival and departure of each individual and which protected areas they entered. An access control system not only provides added security, but it also enhances your facility management capabilities.

What Do You Get?

Along with an integrated panel, that also provides intrusion and fire alarm capabilities, primary devices in an access control system include electronic hardware, prox readers, keypads, request-to-exit devices and access cards/fobs.

Hardware is only half of the access control system. Should you want to fully utilize your system, we can provide the access and security management software to allow you to configure, control and maintain your access control system.

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Selecting Software That Fits Your Facility

Entré Access & Security Management

Provides total visibility over security networks of every size, with fast and
simple point-and-click control of every aspect of the system. Entré features an intuitive graphical user interface. View a map of your total facility, then zoom into individual buildings, areas, or rooms. Check or change the status of every device with a mouse click.

Virtual Keypad App

Allows users to remotely monitor and manage their systems with the ability to check system status, arm/disarm, add and manage users, as well as Z-Wave devices and cameras, schedules, outputs, profiles, settings, Holiday Dates, and more.

Mahoney Alarms provides a broad line of security hardware and software that can be configured to create a customized solution.


School administrators have never faced a greater need to ensure the security of their students, staff,
and facilities.

At Mahoney Alarms, we help create a safe learning environment for everyone by keeping threats at bay.

Financial Institutions

Need to tighten security for a highly restricted area, such as a bank vault or private records facility?
Require two user codes to be entered on the keypad before granting access to a specific area.

Professional Services

Utilize keyless access for all protected entrances and access points. Staff and visitors can
be issued access cards or fobs to permit access to certain areas or to enter areas
at only certain times or days.

Industrial Services

Protecting warehouse inventory from theft is very critical.

By receiving reports on facility opening/closing times and staff arrival times,
protecting warehouse inventory is easier than ever.

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