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We service New York (as far North as the Canadian border, to as far South as The Capital Region, to as far West as Canajoharie) and Vermont.  Visit our map to see all the areas we cover.

It all depends on the carrier you are switching to. Some phone carriers are not compatible with alarm system monitoring. Before you consider switching to a new telephone/Internet provider, we ask to please contact our office to discuss

Yes, you can change your own batteries.
Before replacing batteries, contact our central station to advise them you are replacing batteries. When you are done, do not forget to call our central station back to advise them you are all set. If you are unsure about what type of battery you should use, call our office and speak with our service department for further assistance.

Yes. Every control panel has a battery backup that will continue to power the system for a limited time.
For alarm monitoring:
*Digital Cable Phone/Internet Service – Monitoring will immediately go out and your alarm system will not be able to transmit alarm signals to Mahoney Alarms’ Central Monitoring Station.  Mahoney Alarms does offer backup monitoring options (cell or radio) and ask to contact our office and speak with a sales representative for additional information.
*Landline Phone Service – There will be no disruption in monitoring service and will continue to transmit alarm signals to Mahoney Alarms’ Central Monitoring Station.

In order to cancel/suspend monitoring services, we need to have your request in writing (fax, mail or e-mail). Included in your request we ask to provide your customer number, site address, effective date you wish to discontinue monitoring services, reason for the discontinue and your signature.  Should you e-mail your request and do not have the ability to sign the document, we will require your password to verify you are an authorized representative able to request the discontinue. Please keep in mind, we need to shutdown monitoring services prior to your cancelling of telephone/Internet services.
*Discontinuing monitoring services cannot be performed over the phone*

Fax: (518)793-0602
Mailing Address: PO Box 767, Glens Falls, NY 12801

If an alarm is accidentally activated an audible siren will sound at your home or business and a signal will be sent to the Mahoney Alarms’ Central Station. The system can be disarmed by entering your code.  A phone call should then be placed to our central station to confirm the cancellation.
Please have your password ready! If a password is not provided, the authorities will still be dispatched.

Central Monitoring Station

In the event of an alarm activation, it is necessary we have correct persons to be notified and phone numbers pertaining to same for our central station to dispatch correctly.  Please keep in mind, if your primary residency is not local, we highly recommend using family members, neighbors, friends and/or caretakers as contacts that reside locally to your protected property.  
All emergency contacts should reside locally to the protected property, have a key to the property and be able to respond to an alarm if needed.

Should you need to add and/or remove an emergency contact from your call list, we will need your request in writing.
Complete one of the forms below and return to our office for processing via fax, mail or e-mail at

Residential Form
Commercial Form

Our central station operators will continue to contact your emergency call list until someone has been advised. Please note that the proper authorities will be contacted as required.

Complete the form below and return same to our office via mail, fax or e-mail ( Please keep in mind, there is a fee associated with this service (per request not per code).

Change User Code(s)


We accept checks and credit cards. You can mail checks, pay over the phone or visit Pay Bill to make a one-time payment. For credit cards you can pay over the phone (Visa or Mastercard) or visit Pay Bill to make a one-time payment (all major credit cards are accepted).

*We do not accept credit card payments over $5,000.00

Never worry about missing a reoccurring monitoring payment again! Sign up to have your monitoring payment automatically deducted from your checking/savings account or credit card (Visa or MasterCard) each billing cycle. Upon enrollment in auto payments, you will receive an invoice and a payment receipt via e-mail. To enroll, please call our office (800)794-6277.

*We setup auto pay for reoccurring monitoring invoices only. Any technical service invoices will be mailed or e-mailed to the customer for review.

Check with your insurance company to see what homeowner discounts are offered by having a monitored alarm system. If your Mahoney Alarms system is eligible, call our office and we will gladly provide you with an alarm certificate.

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