Our Local Monitoring Assures Prompt Service

We are in touch with our customers 24 hours a day to make sure their fire, security and safety concerns are being handled professionally and personally.

We receive all your alarm signals ourselves, in our own, in-house central station. Our state-of-the-art alarm receiving station, located in Glens Falls, NY, assures uninterrupted protection. This takes the responsibility off of you to know your alarm is in sound working order.

Our response to all types of situations from power outages, water and sewer emergencies, to medical emergencies and security breaches are filtered back to our central station. The high-tech systems allow an ultra fast response from us any time.

Security systems, fire systems, monitoring sensors and access control are interfaced with ‘authority and jurisdiction’ (police and fire departments) following current codes and standards. Attention is focused on the customer’s needs and aesthetically-designed systems that respect and maintain privacy.

This is important to you because most alarm companies allow the monitoring of your alarm signals to be done at central points elsewhere in the country. Unfortunately, this can lead to delays in signal response times and creates an impersonal situation in an area where your personal safety is concerned.

We dispatch the necessary authorities ourselves. Your alarm signal travels to our high-tech monitoring station. We hire and train our own dispatchers, thereby employing only those who pass our high standards of performance.

  • 24 Hour local central monitoring station to receive your alarm system’s signals.
  • Highly trained staff responds to your signals providing immediate dispatching to the authorities.
  • Documentation of openings and closings of premises.
  • Scheduled test timers programmed from your alarm system to our central station verifying your systems communication link.
  • Peace of Mind.

Monitoring Paperwork

Should you wish to update your emergency contact list, please complete the form below and return same to our office.