Tips To Improve Your Home Security

  • Make sure your doors have deadbolts or heavy-duty strike plates.
  • Don’t leave your garage door openers in an unlocked car.
  • Keep the outside of your home well lit, as criminals prefer to operate in the dark.
  • Don’t leave spare keys in obvious places such as under the door mat, on the top of the door frame or under nearby flower pots. Click this link for creative ideas or see if you have a trustworthy neighbor to hold onto one.


While on vacation this Summer

  • Create the illusion that you are home. Break ins usually occur in the middle of the day when it appears no one is there. A house sitter or neighbor should check on your home sporadically, turn some lights on and make sure your house is not completely unattended. Be sure to have them get the mail and newspapers, as these piled up would be a clear giveaway you are out of town.
  • Ensure every window and door closes properly and that they are all locked before leaving the house.
  • Do not broadcast your trip online. Wait until you are home to post photos or status’s to social media.
  • Don’t change anything major. If you usually leave blinds or curtains open, don’t shut them before you leave.
  • Try to leave a car in the driveway. See if you can get a ride to the airport or take a cab.


The best way to protect your home is to INVEST IN A HOME SECURITY ALARM SYSTEM!! All systems are monitored 24/7 in our own, in-house Central Monitoring Station in Glens Falls. Authorities are dispatched immediately after an alarm signal is received. Our dispatchers will know who you are and where your located to give directions to the responding authorities.