Tips For Children Home Alone

Tips to teach children for when they are home alone:

Keep the doors and windows locked and closed

Children shouldn’t open the door for anyone, including a person who says they are a repairman or police officer. Instruct your child to call the local police department to confirm. Practice scenarios such as knocking on the door too ensure your child is prepared in a situation.

What to do in case of an emergency situation

Review when and how to call 911. Be sure your child memorizes your address and phone number. A fire evacuation plan should be run through frequently and even hung up to review. Explain that it is crucial to leave items such as toys and electronics behind. Establish a meeting place to wait outside of the house.

How to cook or heat up food

You may need to make the stove and oven off limits when you’re away if your child is not 100% confident when cooking. There is less risk when using a microwave.

Tips for parents for when your child is home alone:

Utilize the virtual keypad app

When you can’t be home with your children, the virtual keypad app connects to your smart home & alarm system to help make that window/door safer. Turn on alarm notifications, arm & disarm or add codes for keyless entry, check your cameras, check your history of events and control lights, door locks & temperature all from your smartphone.

Invest in a home alarm system

As a parent, allowing children to stay home alone can be scary. A home alarm system will provide a major sense of relief. To learn more, contact Mahoney Alarms at (518)793-7788 to request a free quote.