Safety in the kitchen is important, especially on Thanksgiving Day when there is a lot of activity and people at home

Below are some tips that will keep you, your family and your home safe during Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Tips

  1. Stay at home & stay in the kitchen while cooking on the stove top and check on the food frequently.
  2. Be alert! If you are tired or have consumed alcohol, do not use the stove.
  3. Keep children away from the oven, hot liquids such as gravy and steam from vegetables, sharp knives, and electrical cords.
  4. Keep the floor clear so that there are no tripping hazards.
  5. Make sure your smoke alarms are working properly. Test them by pushing the test button.

Thanksgiving is the leading day for home fires involving cooking, 4x the average amount. 55% of civilians injured in these fires were hurt while attempting to fight the fire themselves.

US fire departments responded to an estimated average of 173,200 home structure fires per year started by cooking activities in 2013-2017. These fires caused an average of 550 civilian deaths, 5,020 reported civilian fire injuries, and $1.2 billion in direct property damage per year.

Cooking Safety

  1. If there’s a fire, GET OUT! If you try to fight the fire, be sure others have a clear path out. Call 911 after you leave.
  2. Keep a lid nearby when cooking to smother small grease fires. Smother the fire by sliding the lid over the pan and turn off the stove. Leave the pan cover until it’s completely cooled.
  3. In case of an oven fire, turn off the heat and keep the door closed.
  4. Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

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