Summer Safety

Summer is almost  here and we want to share with you some Summer Safety tips for your home and/or business:

1.)  The weather is getting warmer and NOW is the time to use your Virtual Keypad App to adjust thermostats and set schedules. This will reduce cost and keep your house at the perfect temperature setting when you’re home and away.

2.)  Do you enjoy opening your windows during the springtime? And then forget to close them at night? If so, window sensors can help keep your home secure with a faulted zone alert when you arm your system. If you want to leave your windows open, just bypass that zone.

3.)  Running a commercial business front and preparing for the upcoming sales? If so, make sure you turn on your security system’s “Traffic Count” feature to record foot traffic, track peek hours, strategize sales promotions, and collect important marketing data for your business!

4.)  Hiring additional employees for the summer months? Use your Virtual Keypad App to setup a new “Summer” profile with temporary access credentials for your summer help. Those access codes will work until the programmed expiration date, giving you more control of your operation.

5.)  The “Chime” feature on your alarm keypad gives you an extra layer of protection with children at home. The chime will alert you if a door is opened, plus you can receive push notifications when there’s activity on the doors.

6.)  Keep doors and windows locked and your system armed during the day. The majority of home break-ins happen during the daylight hours when it appears no one is home.

7.)  Working parents with older children at home during the summer months can use the “Check In” feature on their security keypad to ensure their kids are home safe and sound.

8.)  You’ve been running errands and just got to the play-date with your kids, and realize you forgot to adjust the AC and arm your alarm system. With the Virtual Keypad App, you can do it directly from your phone, or program a schedule to take care of that for you so you never have to worry about it.

9.)  If you have a gun safe or fire proof safe inside your home, easily install a sensor that will alert you if the safe is opened for any reason.

10.)  Does your family have a fire escape plan? Equip your family with an emergency fire escape ladder for 2-story windows or higher. All adults and older children should know where to find the fire extinguisher. Make sure all smoke/carbon monoxide detectors are in working condition.