Spring Water Damage

April showers bring May flowers and flooded basements. Below are some tips on how to prevent Spring water damage.

1. Maintain your gutters – Inspect, clean, and repair gutters every Spring to ensure they are catching all of the water and properly carrying it away from your home.

2. Check your roof – Replace any missing shingles to prevent leaks. Some signs of damage could be off-colored shingles, tree branches laying from high winds, animals visiting frequently or ponding (pools of water left on the roof).

3. Review any cracks in your foundation – Fill any cracks found in your foundation to prevent water from getting through.

4. Consider a water detection alarm system – Pipes can burst or flooding can occur when you least expect it. Water sensors should be placed in your basement, underneath sinks, behind washing machines and near any appliance that is connected to a water line. Contact us today for a free consultation and ask how you can to be monitored by our 24/7, local, in-house Central Monitoring Station.