Spring Cleaning Tips

1. Check your Windows

While cleaning your windows, be sure to inspect every lock. Burglars often enter through windows in the middle of the day. Ensure that your sensors are still firmly secured.

2. Check your Outdoor Lighting

Remove any cobwebs formed and check to ensure all bulbs are working properly. Have backup bulbs on hand. Motion activated lights should be tested frequently as perimeter lights are a big security feature of your home.

3. Be Careful Moving Large Furniture

Don’t rush! Use proper lifting techniques; keep your back straight and lift with your legs. Wear shoes to avoid stubbing a toe or dropping a heavy item on your foot. Also, always ask for another person’s help to avoid scratching the floors.

4. Be Safe on Ladders & Step Stools

Make sure the ladder is always on a flat and secure surface before climbing up. Do not lean too far over the sides or overreach. The ladder should be completely open before going up.

5. Schedule an Annual Inspection of your Alarm System

An inspection of your alarm system ensures all devices are working 100% and are transmitting proper signals to our central monitoring station. Devices are cleaned from collecting dust. Any/all batteries and devices found to be inoperable are replaced at this time. Inspections should be conducted at least once a year.