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We offer 100% FREE consultations. We are in touch with our customers 24 hours a day to make sure their fire, security and safety concerns are being handled professionally and personally. Your initial experience with Mahoney Alarms begins with our no cost, no obligation consultation with our qualified sales consultants. As each situation is unique, so is the protection we provide our customers. Every one of our alarm systems are customized to meet optimum protection within your budget.

When you deal with a corporate alarm company, they want to sell you a packaged system over the phone. There is no face to face conversation or walk through of your home or business to see what protection you will actually need. They sell packaged alarm systems that may include protection you do not want or will never utilize. Mahoney Alarms takes the time to come out and look at what you need. Every home and business is different, therefore every system should be unique to fit your needs .

When calling our office, you will always speak to an actual person; no answering service, long distance numbers or dealing with the hassle of being rerouted to different offices/buildings. Dispatchers are available 24/7 at our in-house Central Monitoring Station.

We design, install, service and monitor our own and others’ safety systems. This includes fire and security alarms, temperature monitoring, access control, water detection, closed circuit TV and even fire extinguishers.  We do not farm out services; you will always speak with Mahoney Alarms’ employees.

We will not hold you to any contract terms. Whether you are with us for a month or 10 years, we are confident you will have enough assurance in our company, services and products that binding you by contract terms are unnecessary.

As a local company, we hire employees that live in your neighborhood, who has kids going to the same school as your kids, who watches/listens to the same local news stations, shops at the same grocery stores, and fights the same local battles. We understand the culture and environmental hazards where you live and care about your safety.

We dispatch the necessary authorities ourselves. Your alarm signal travels to our high-tech monitoring station in Glens Falls, NY. We hire and train our own dispatchers, thereby employing only those who pass our high standards of performance. Our 24/7 local central monitoring station receives your alarm system’s signals and then our highly trained staff responds to your signals by immediately dispatching the proper authorities. We give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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