Important Security Features For Your Home & Business

It’s a new year and and we want to take this time to refresh the importance of security and the many features your alarm system has to protect your home or business.

1. Did your kids get their first smartphones for Christmas?! Show them the built-in safety features by downloading the Virtual Keypad app! Create new user codes so they can arm/disarm your security system. Add cameras to their app homepage, in case they are ever home alone and hear a knock at the door. Turn on push notifications for important alarm alerts. And, call your monitoring station to update your contact list in case of an emergency.

2. Your alarm system does you no good if you can’t remember to arm it. That’s why it’s equipped with an auto-arming feature! All you need to do is assign an arming schedule and ta-da! Your system will arm instantly at that specified time.

3. Did you know your home security system has tons of built-in security features and functions? Set it to “auto-arm” with your schedule. Have your kids “check-in” after school. Turn on your “door chime”. Adjust your “lights, locks, and thermostats”. Turn on “push notifications” for activity alerts

4. New year = New GOALS! Don’t forget to arm your security system when you leave the house! The majority of break-ins happen during the day when it appears that no one is home

5. If your company is hiring new employees this new year, now is a good time to sort and manage user access codes at your points of entry. Set privileges, grant locational access, specify access times, monitor employee/delivery/guest entry, and monitor traffic.

6. Now that we’re in the heart of winter, you may need to adjust your thermostats to prepare for more harsh temperatures. Adjusting your thermostat can be easily done through the Virtual Keypad app! It’ll make for a more comfortable work environment and save you money

7. The new year is a great time to review and/or implement an emergency safety plan at all business locations. Manage your app users, update your monitoring station’s call list, make sure push notifications are turned on in the event of an alarm, and make sure all user codes are up-to-date

8. As a business owner, you’re dreaming this year will be bigger than the last! So, why not start tracking that business NOW! Your security system has a built-in traffic count feature that will record data at all store front and retail locations! You can use this important data for prime sales, marketing purposes, staffing needs, and more!