Residential & Commercial Security

Summer is here!  While you are on vacation, attending baseball games, going to barbecues or just outside enjoying the weather, who is protecting your home or business?  It is time to adjust/review your security settings and/or add additional protection.  Below are some tips to keep in mind while you are enjoying the summer.

  1. Do these warm weather temps have your AC system running non-stop? Use your Virtual Keypad App scheduler to automate your AC units! This will help reduce cost and keep your home comfortable

  2. Know your home is secure while on vacation by arming your system in “Away” mode. All motions, windows and doors will be activated. Note: If you have pets at home, arm your system using “Home” mode to secure the perimeter but leave motion detectors deactivated

  3. Using a pet sitter while out of town? Give your guest a temporary user code so you can keep your system armed while enabling your visitor access to care for your animals. And don’t forget, you can arm/disarm your system from anywhere using your Virtual Keypad app.

  4. When on vacation, you don’t want to come home to any unexpected surprises. Go ahead and add wireless flood detectors to areas of your home where water damage could occur, like the sinks, toilets, and hot water heater. The sensor will alert you of any leaks to prevent further damage.

  5. Summertime thunderstorms can cause unexpected power outages, leaving your fridge and freezer vulnerable. If you aren’t aware of the power outage, food can spoil quickly. With the wireless temperature sensor, you’ll be notified if the temperature rises or drops below a certain degree.

  6. If you’ve hired a nanny/babysitter to care for your children during the summer months, you may be thinking of adding a couple cameras to your smart home security system. Indoor/outdoor cameras are a great addition to any area of your home, plus, you can check on your family any time, from anywhere through your Virtual Keypad app!

  7. Running big sales this summer? Make sure to turn on your “Traffic Count” feature to monitor customers! It’s a built-in marketing tool to help your business analyze important data and record traffic flow.

  8. If those pesky summertime thunderstorms are causing interrupting power outages, add a wireless LED Emergency Light to areas with little or no lighting. This will help keep your employees safe and on track so you can focus on getting business back up and running.

  9. Hiring seasonal help for the summer months? Set up a profile to give part-time or seasonal employees temporary access to your building. Assign a start and end date to the employee/profile and you’ll eliminate the need to go back into your system to manage access at a later date.