Fire Safety With Children

  1. Keep children away from the oven door when open and an open flame on the stove top. Also remind them to never touch hot liquids and stay away from steam paths.
  2. Be careful using knives. Let an adult do the cutting and/or learn proper technique.
  3. Do not put sharp objects such as knives and scissors into the sink pile. Someone could reach in the soapy water not seeing it and get cut.
  4. Use caution when trying out the mixtures. A lot of recipes call for eggs, which could lead to salmonella.
  5. Do not hold a small child while cooking. You can get easily distracted and grease splatter can hurt them.
  6. If burned, place under cold water immediately to reduce severity.
  7. Turn pot handles so they don’t hang off the stove top or counter. This helps prevent a child from bumping into them and possibly pulling down a hot pan.
  8. Teach children which appliances get hot and why they should never touch them. Include electrical wires, outlets & extension cords.
  9. Have a kid free zone around the hot appliances in the kitchen, which should be at least 3 feet.
  10. Want to learn more? Kids learn best in a hands-on, interactive way. Play games and print worksheets with Sparky the dog to help kids learn essential fire safety while playing games they will love.

Lastly, consider a 24/7 locally monitored fire alarm system
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Check out The Nation Fire Protection Association for more information and learning tools.