Fire Prevention Week

Stay focused on the food

  • Always stay in the kitchen when you are cooking. Turn off the oven and stove if you leave the kitchen or house for any reason while frying, boiling, grilling or baking.
  • Use a timer so you do not forget. Check on your food often.
  • Be alert! Do not cook if you have consumed alcohol or are tired.  

Keep cooking areas clear

  • Consider your attire. Do not cook while wearing loose clothing and consider pulling your long hair back.
  • Keep the floor clear so that there are no tripping hazards.
  • Remove all items from the counter that could possibly fall or be in the way.
  • Be sure all curtains, towels and pot holders are away from hot surfaces.

Prevent burns

  • Keep unattended children out of the kitchen. When they are old enough, teach them how to properly use the oven and stove top.
  • Turn pot handles away from the stoves edge.
  • Do not put your face directly in the steam path while opening a lid and in the oven door.
  • Let all food from the microwave, oven and stove top cool before eating or touching.

In Case of a fire….

  • Keep a lid nearby when cooking to smother small grease fires. Smother the fire by sliding the lid over the pan and turn off the stove. Leave the pan covered until it’s completely cooled.
  • If there is an oven fire, turn the heat off and keep the door closed.
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby.  Never use water to fight a grease fire.
  • If there’s a fire, GET OUT! If you try to fight the fire, be sure others have a clear path out. Call 911 after you leave.

Lastly, consider a 24/7 locally monitored fire alarm system
from Mahoney Alarms.

A combination of smoke detectors, heat detectors, sirens, bells & strobe lights alerts people inside in case of fire and gives them time to evacuate. A monitored fire alarm system helps reduce property and life loss, as the fire department is alerted immediately. Get a FREE QUOTE today by calling (518) 793-7788.

Check out The Nation Fire Protection Association for more information and learning tools.