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What Is An Environmental Alarm System?

An environmental alarm system protects against the elements and Mother Nature. We know how unpredictable the weather in the Northeast can be. Life is full of unexpected events, so be prepared for them. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Carbon Monoxide Detection. Protect yourself and your family from high levels of carbon monoxide; the odorless, colorless & poisonous gas that can cause sudden illness and even death.

Low Temperature Monitoring. Protect your home from falling below a concerning temperature during the cold Winter months. Snow birds, frequent out-of-towners and vacation home-owners should especially consider. Also, protect your commercial refrigerators or freezers. Don’t risk losing thousands in inventory.

Water Detection. Minimize water damage from pipes possibly bursting, ruining valuables and becoming costly. Pipes can burst at any water source so sensors should be placed underneath sinks, behind washing machines & near dishwashers. Vacation home-owners should especially consider.

Propane/Gas Monitoring. Do you have natural gas appliances or do you heat your home or business with natural gas or propane? Protect yourself and your family from leaking tanks or methane gas and even worse a possible explosion.

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