Back To School Safety Tips

As summer vacation comes to an end and kids head back to school, now is a good time to incorporate added safety precautions into your family’s new routine.

Tip #1: Using the Geofencing feature in your Virtual Keypad App, set up a Geofence around your child’s school. You’ll receive a cell phone alert notifying you that your child got to school safely, as well as what time he or she leaves each afternoon. Then, do the same for your house.

Tip #2: A Z-wave lock eliminates the need for a key and can be opened with a smart phone. Just give your kids their own special code and no one has to worry about a lost key.

Tip #3: It’s important to inform your children that it is NEVER safe to answer the door while home alone. So, when you need to see who is at your door, cameras can add an extra layer of security for you and your child. Teach your kids how to view cameras from their smart phone.

Tip #4: Your alarm system features notifications that are sent to your App when children come home from school. Each child should be given his or her own code for added security, and you can also make sure they re-arm the system once inside.

Tip #5: How many times have you said, “Don’t forget to lock the door behind you!”?
Did you know, you can setup a Favorites feature to lock the doors of your home at any given time? Whether it’s right after they leave in the mornings or get home in the afternoons, put your locks on a schedule and talk about peace of mind!

If you are interested in an alarm system to protect your family or want to add these safety features to an existing system, please contact our office and our sales team will gladly assist you.