Adapting To COVID-19

Changes At Home

Today people work form home, home school their children all while maintaining the household. With broken routines and household chaos, having an alarm system to protect your family and home from fire, high levels of carbon monoxide, break-ins and water damage is the peace of mind we need.

Cooking Safety

According to the NFPA, cooking is the leading cause of home fires. More specifically, unattended cooking fires which are when you aren’t keeping a close eye on what is cooking. As many households are now dealing with unusual routines and out-of-the-ordinary circumstances such as kids home from school and parents working from home. There is a greater potential risk for distracted cooking.

A few tips to remember are to always stay in the kitchen while cooking, turn off the stove if you leave the kitchen for any period of time, never leave the house with the oven on & keep any flammable items (ex: packaging, ovenmits and towels) off of the stop top.

Electrical & Technical Safety

With everyone at home, there may be people using the same outlets to charge phones, laptops and digital equipment. Ensure electrical cords are not over used as these are only intended for temporary use. If working from home make sure the proper virus software is installed on computers, use strong passwords and ensure backup files are updated regularly.

Stick To A Schedule

Maintain a routine. Setup a functional work space that is quiet with minimal distractions. Kids should have a set schedule for hours dedicated to school work, playtime and chores.

Changes At Work

Whether your business is still operating or you are put on standby, we are all effected by the pandemic.

Review the below check list of what you can do at work to protect yourself and other employees and visit a small business guide during Coronavirus for additional information.

Adhere to the strict CDC guidelines
Do not allow any walk-ins into the building(s)
Move desks and stop all interactions between employees/in person meetings.
Practice social distancing by staying 6 feet away at all times.
Keep your employees safe by being proactive about cleanliness by completing multiple daily cleanings. These should be assigned to an individual (or multiple persons) so that it does not go undone.
Research and apply for Federal Small Business Stimulus Aid Programs.
Change schedules for your alarm system and access codes if your business is affected during this time.
Keep your website and social media updated with any temporary changes/closures and how to continue to utilize your services/buy your products.
Allow any employees to work remotely from home if possible. There are a lot of tools that teams can utilize to keep in touch if it’s not possible to be together (Zoom is a video communication app that is free to use).

Utilize Your Virtual Keypad App

Whether we are staying home, an essential worker or a business owner, being able to remotely control your security alarm system keeps your home and business protected

  • Remotely arm and disarm your security system.
  • Turn on notifications to be alerted when someone walks through the door.
  • Set and control lights, thermostats & locks.
  • Check history of events to ensure the alarm system is being utilized to your full advantage.
  • Add and/or delete codes

Ensure Your Alarm System Is Fully Functional

Since people are home more, now is the time to review/update your call list and to make sure your alarm system is 100%. Should you need to perform these tasks, visit Contact Us or call our office, (800)794-6277, so we can further assist you.

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