2G Reminders, New Year’s Resolutions and Smart Home Security

1.If your home security system is no longer in working order due to 2G Cellular Network Shutdown, please contact Mahoney Alarms’ office to take the proper steps towards an upgrade.  If you are unsure whether your system runs of a 2G or 3G+ network, contact us with any questions.
(Click here for additional information on the 2G Cellular Network Shutdown)

2. New Year’s Resolution… ARM your security system during the day!
Did you know that most burglaries occur during the daytime hours when homeowners are away? So use your alarm system day and night. Keep doors and windows locked AND make sure to arm your system every time you leave home.  Too many homeowners are paying for their home security system to be monitored, but are only arming their system at night. Utilize your system and arm it during the day! (Statistics show that’s when the majority of break-ins happen.)

3. Tip: Like many homeowners, you have lots on your mind as you’re rushing out the door in the mornings. So, let the Virtual Keypad App arm your alarm system for you! Just set up an arming schedule.

4. Tip: Turn on your “Smart Arming Reminder” to alert you if your system is disarmed when you leave the premise.

5. It’s 2017 and many homeowners are interested in upgrading to a smart home. We could go on and on about the added security and convenience benefits, but smart home features also save you time and money.  Start the process by simply adding a Z-Wave light bulb or door lock. The Virtual Keypad App allows you to build from there at your convenience. Interested in making your home a smart home? Contact us today to learn how!